Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Blogging is what News Writing should be like; Twitter is what Blogging should be like

News reporting has been around since the dawn of man. In fact, the Bible is probably the most famous news compilation there is.

However, since the advent of technology, news reporting has been taken over by blogging (which is what you're reading now).

News reporting has several characteristics, of which timing and depth is important. When a story is reported, it is often that it is "breaking" news. Other times, a story may be an in depth analysis.

Blogging is superior in both terms as it can be updated INSTANTLY and can provide a medium for in depth analysis such as showing videos or graphical data in front of the reader.

However, blogging has one barrier. It is a one way communication system. Once someone posts on their blog, it takes time for the message to carry out. Once the message is carried out, it takes time to digest the information.

Here comes Twitter. What is Twitter? Its a blog, but you're limited to 140 characters and no pictures. What does that accomplish? Quick messages that are SPREAD instantly. What advantage is this? It has been reported that during times of crisis (ie. earthquakes, politcal unrest, etc), Twitter users are the first to report it and the message spreads even faster.

So the progression of information has almost reduced to seconds; rather than minutes.

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